Love is an Anchor in Times of Global COVID-19 Crisis

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COVID-19 is having a global impact on everybody’s life. On the extreme side, some choose to be particularly prudent while others wish to carry on as usual, which is impossible as social life around them comes to a standstill. At such times of global crisis, different personality and coping types become apparent. Paradoxically, it is also the time when disaster strikes that is best for assessing our interpersonal relationships, which should be stable enough to catch our fall like a safety net when we are at danger of falling ill or are in need of support. The luckiest amongst us are not only those who have accumulated enough food in their storage cupboards, who carry safety masks in their fancy handbags and all-so-important briefcases or pride themselves to be fit and healthy ‘survivor’ personalities. At mindful sight, the truly privileged are those who can count on a loving bond in their lives.

This reliable and loving bond is one of the most crucial protective factors during – and in the aftermath of – any traumatic life event or crisis. You are amongst the lucky ones if you do have such a someone by your side; someone who genuinely cares at times during the tough times, someone who is always by your side, irrespective of the challenges that need to be overcome. Someone who will remain by your side when you fall ill, when you become reliant and the image of perfection can no longer be maintained. True love is not a commodity one can buy, but the result of destiny, serendipity, or tailor-made values-based matchmaking that only sensitively trained psychological experts can deliver.

It is in times of crisis, like COVID-19, when we have to face reality and start to see clearly if the person next to us is merely a model like accessory, a wealthy spender, or a true soulmate to whom we are profoundly connected. When disaster strikes, this is the chance to strengthen our relationship by overcoming today’s challenges together. In retrospect, it will become a memory that will glue us together. However, with a mis-fitting partner by your side, things will become more and more dramatic. As we are confined to our homes and cannot distract ourselves with outdoor activities or in vivo socialising, only our technical devices remain as a source of distraction and mental escape. Limit your exposure to TV, smartphones and the like, to an hour in the morning and an hour at night and feel what it is like to spend valued time with your partner at home by doing all the one-to-one things that our otherwise so busy lives seemingly forbid us to engage in. If you can appreciate and enjoy activities like mindful talking, silent cuddling and caressing without a turned-on TV in the background, maybe even playing board games or just looking at each other speechlessly you might be one of the blessed. If you start feeling bored doing these things you either have a partner who is only right for extravaganza or you would definitely profit from mindfulness partnership coaching.

But what about those who are single and do not have a partner at all but might be sitting alone at home not knowing what Corona might bring next?

Unfortunately, it is times like these which hit single personalities the hardest as they cannot escape the awareness of being single as is the case at Christmas and on Valentine‘s Day which, unlike Corona, only last for a very limited period of time.

Fortunately, the positive message is, that this might be the right time for you to make the best of this difficult situation, by using this period of standstill in dedicating time to your personal love search. Our psychological experts at Vida can work from anywhere in the world to find your perfect match by searching through our extensive offline database. It is this period of forced confinement that you can positively use to ‘meet’ matches in mindfully arranged video dates. It is a highly unique situation whereby you can spend time away from traditionally hectic and busy lifestyles, to genuinely experience whether there is an emotional closeness. Be one of those who will tell their grandchildren that paradoxically, it was the global crisis of Corona, which brought you together!

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